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We truly appreciate your volunteering by giving of your time and talents. It is very important to us that your performance has a good audience and attendees can easily walk the festival, so we are trying to place your performance at porches that are close together (but not too close). To help us do this, we are focusing on the parts of Quincy where we saw the most organic interest - Wollaston Hill, Squantum, and Merrymount.



Wollaston Hill

Please note:

  • If you are privately asked to perform at a porch located outside our performance area, please inform your host you are waiting for us to assign you a porch.  Porches outside the 3 designated areas may not be advertised by our event.

  • We work very hard to make sure that performances don’t interfere with other performances so it is essential that we create the schedule using your availability.

  • In early June we will contact you to assigning your performance to one of our porch locations. If you are assigned to a porch in our festival, we will also promote your performances elsewhere throughout the year. We want you to have the best audience possible.

  • We generally assign two bands to each porch, separated by some time to setup and break down gear for each band. If you can share gear with another band, please do but it is not required.

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Preferred Porch
Preferred Porch
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