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The bands that volunteer to perform at PorchFest are giving of their time and talents. It is very important to us that our volunteer bands have a good audience and attendees can easily walk the festival, so we are looking to find groups of porches together (but not too close). We are focusing on the parts of Quincy where we saw the most organic interest - Wollaston Hill, Squantum, and Merrymount. For these reasons, we may not be able to use all porches, but we truly appreciate your interest in volunteering!



Wollaston Hill

Please also note:

  1. You are signing up to host the performances assigned to your porch, and we cannot honor music preferences.

  2. We generally assign two bands to each porch, with about an hour in-between performances and each performance is generally 45-90 minutes in duration.

I understand that the PorchFest team will create the schedule.
The PorchFest team works very hard to create the schedule to prevent performance time conflicts at nearby houses. It is important that PorchFest determines your performance time to prevent these conflicts and allow your neighbors to host performances as well.
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PorchFest Quincy runs from 3 pm - 9 pm. We will schedule one or more bands at your house during this time. Bands may also need time to set-up and take down their gear. Is this ok?
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PorchFest does screen bands to ensure performances are family friendly. PorchFest features bands from all different types and genres. The bands assigned to your porch may not reflect the type of music you prefer.