PATRIOT LEDGER: Music to return to Quincy neighborhoods with PorchFest

2016 Quincy Symphony Orchestra performing on Warren Ave in Wollaston Hill.

2016 Quincy Symphony Orchestra performing on Warren Ave in Wollaston Hill.

By Mary Whitfill
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Jun 20, 2017 at 3:16 PM

QUINCY – After a first event that organizer Walter Hubley said surpassed all his expectations, PorchFest will return to Quincy this weekend for an afternoon of live music, sunshine neighborliness.

The event invites locals to volunteer their porches, driveways and front yards to be makeshift venues for live bands. From there, bands volunteer their time and play sets while neighbors wonder the streets and listen to every type of music from country to pop, classical to reggae, and jazz to Latin tunes.

“You walk around the neighborhood with your family and friends and just enjoy the afternoon,” Hubley said. “There will be some concession options and things like that in different neighborhoods as well.”

Last year saw 70 bands play on 43 porches across three neighborhoods. This year will have over 100 bands performing in over 70 spaces, in four neighborhoods: Wollaston Hill, Beachwood Knoll/Beach Street, Squantum, and Merrymount.

Merrymount was added this year after several requests, Hubley said.

“It’s wonderful that the community has embraced this type of event,” he said. “It shows that the city of Quincy really had a desire for more live music.”

What Hubley described as a “rolling festival,” the point is for Quincy residents to wonder around from porch to porch, neighborhood to neighborhood, with friends and family. Each neighborhood is open at different times.

“It’s designed in a way that you could spend time in two to three neighborhoods throughout the day,” Hubley said. “We wanted to optimize the ability for attendees to see and listen to as much music as possible.”

A full schedule and interactive map will be available on Wednesday night at The event takes place starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 24.