Richie Parsons Band

Pop Rock n Melancholy

Here’s another release that seemingly came out of nowhere. Richie Parsons, with the help of producer Ken Stringfellow of the Posies, has fashioned a thoughtful, unique, and often quite lovely guitar-pop record with echoes of Big Star, early Posies (natch) and a smidgen of late-period Replacements.  Parsons has penned some nice tunes – the gentle, power pop classic-in-waiting “Love Letter,” and the sweet “Right On Time” and “When Fall Begins” among them – and delivers them in a voice that sounds a bit like Bob Dylan circa “Lay Lady Lay,” minus the whine. Stringfellow’s sonic fingerprints are all over the record, as he provides instrumental and/or vocal assistance on each of the 11 tunes. Outside-the-box covers of Lou Reed and Dorsey Burnette and the music geek anthem “Mix Tape” (“Maybe some Modern Lovers…or some ‘80s stuff from New Zealand”) add to the fun. Quite good. Grade: A-
 Goldmine Magazine