Mindful Audacity

Mindful Audacity is a jazz fusion band based in Toronto, ON with strong roots in Jazz, R&B, gospel and soul. Collaborating and performing together for almost a decade, the group has come to form a sound that transcends melody lines and words that speaks to every listener. The group would spend hours gathering at their home performance space, or their community church, to pursue the direction and compositions that would frame the future sound of the group. Through this process they discovered that their instruments become a common language when performing together. The group’s influences come from a broad range of artists, styles and genres. Some of these include; Chick Corea Elektric Band, Jamiroquai, Incognito and the Yellow Jackets. Over time the band has melded together to compose pieces that are both thought provoking and enticing. Audiences find themselves entranced by the powerful, smooth sounds created by Alysha (vocals), Travis (drums), Natoya (bass) and Nathan (keyboards). The name 'Mindful Audacity' is a representation of the group’s identity and speaks to their inherent characters of being both thoughtful and at the same time daring. In November 2017, the group launched their debut EP ‘Mindful Audacity’. This collection of original compositions tells a story of pain and courage reflective of the group’s identities and influences. In the summer of 2017, they toured and performed at some of Toronto’s largest music venues and festivals such as The Mod Club, The Opera House, and Koerner Hall, KerrFest, and Indie Week. With events and performances not slowing down for the group, 2018 looks positive with more performances and plans to book a 2018 summer tour.


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